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May 2022 Platform Releases

Release Notes

  • New Proxy Scanner field for anonymous public registry scanning - The scan_public_registries field has been introduced to allow scanning of public registries without requiring credentials. Additionally, the auth_header_name field is no longer required for public registries (that needed it).
  • Kubernetes Admission Controller integration is now GA - See Integrate with Kubernetes Admission Controller to set up vulnerability scanning on your Kubernetes clusters.
  • New column for Hosts tab in CVE Assessments (Host Vulnerability) - The Hosts tab when viewing CVE Assessments (Host Vulnerability) now has a Vulnerability Status column. Additionally, the "Status" column has now changed to "Host Status". See CVE Assessment - Hosts for details.
  • Container Vulnerability Policies are now GA - See Container Vulnerability Policies for details.
  • Time-Series Events - This release introduces a new type of event called a Time-Series event. The Time-Series event is a new model which detects changes in activity frequency or volume over time to help customers detect coin miners, misconfigurations, compromised accounts, etc. This release introduces the following new events: AWS GPU Instance Usage Spike and AWS IAM API Error Spike. See Time-Series Events for details.
  • New API endpoints for Policy Exceptions - Lacework offers a new set of API endpoints for users to create policy exceptions. Policy exceptions are a mechanism used to maintain the policies but allow you to circumvent one or more restrictions.
  • Azure Activity Log Polygraph - The Azure Activity Log dossier now includes a Lacework Polygraph to help you visualize your Activity Log data in a streamlined way and identify any misconfigurations or events. See Azure Activity Log Polygraph for details.
  • Lacework IaC Security Bitbucket support - You can use Lacework IaC Security with Bitbucket. See Get Started with Bitbucket for details.
  • Lacework Console access - When you click the Go to my console button in the email from Lacework, a static page with a single-use login Go to my console link appears. Click the link to access the Lacework Console. The link expires in 10 minutes.