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August 2022 Platform Releases

Release Notes

  • Filtering by tags and labels is now possible using the image filter option for proxy scanner integrations - See image_filter for details on the new tags and labels options.

  • Inline Scanner support for scanning by image digest - See image evaluate for example commands.

  • Proxy Scanner Auto Polling support for Google Container Registry (GCR), Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), and Red Hat Quay ( - These registry types can now be configured for auto polling when using the Proxy Scanner.

  • New format options for Inline Scanner evaluaton results - New flags are available to format the evaluation results from the Inline Scanner when viewing on the terminal.

    • --pretty renders table borders and adds color to Severity column in the output of the evaluation results:
    • --no-color stops colors from being rendered in evaluation results when the --pretty option is used.
    • --simple displays evaluation results without Introduced in Layer and File Path columns.
    • -j, --json prints the evaluation results in JSON format (this offers the same output as the -v=false option).

    See Example Outputs for Evaluation Results for further details.

  • Packages tab for Host & Image vulnerability assessments - View vulnerable packages on the new Packages tab for host and container image vulnerability assessments.

  • Automated configuration for Amazon ECR Proxy Scanner integrations - If you configure the Proxy Scanner to run on an Amazon EC2/ECS instance, it will attempt to automatically discover and authenticate with the private ECR available to the local IAM role. See Automated Configuration for Private Amazon ECRs for details.

  • On-demand container image scanning from the Lacework Console - For integrated container registries, you can now scan container images on-demand when viewing Container Image Information in the Containers Dossier.

    • This feature will be gradually rolled out to customers during this week.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) differential analysis - The differential analysis algorithm has changed to include ChangeSets that aim to reduce findings and noise in code review feedback.

Public Preview Features

  • Vulnerability Usage is shown on the License page - The Settings > Usage: License page on the Lacework Console now displays a Vulnerability Usage section.